BMI Surgery’s Results

Our History

The BMI Surgery weight loss program is highly acclaimed. Our medical director performed the first open and laparoscopic gastric bypass, LAP-BAND™, REALIZE BAND™, and laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in Will and Grundy (IL) counties.

How We Compare

As a Bariatric MBSAQIP Accredited Center – Comprehensive, we compare favorably to the many national benchmarks. In fact, we have an outstanding complication and mortality rate—well below the national average. The results have been clear:

  • Patients at BMI Surgery lose an average of 82% of their excess body weight one year after gastric bypass. Weight loss after Adjustable Gastric Banding is more gradual than gastric bypass, averaging 42% at one year after surgery
  • In addition to losing weight, many of our patients have seen a drastic reduction in their obesity-related health problems such as high blood pressure, joint pain, and diabetes. Some patients who take medications for these related conditions have reduced their intake or eliminated their medicines completely. There are also many psychological and social benefits as well. Many patients have even gained a more positive outlook on life.

Weight Loss By Type of Surgery

The following chart provides information about the average percent excess body weight loss for each surgery type over 5 years. These results are specific to BMI Surgery.

BMI Surgery’s Results for Weight Loss By Type of Surgery



Comorbidities — Resolution & Improvement



The chart below shows the percent resolution and improvement of comorbidities for each surgery type. As you can see, almost all patients were either cured or significantly improved. These results are specific to BMI Surgery.

BMI Surgery’s Results for Comorbidities
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